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      Name: ____________________________________ Nickname: _________________
Address: ____________________________ City: ___________ Zip: ___________
Home (    ) _____________ Cell (    ) _______________ Work (    ) _______________
E-mail: ___________________, Employed at: __________________Retired:_______
      Other:_____, Age : ____, D.O.B ___/___/___,  D.L. # _______________, State : ______
Race: _____,  S.S # _____/_____/_________,  Height:_______,  Weight: ________,
Have you ever been arrested for a Felony?   Yes:___ No:___
If yes, please describe. ___________________________________ When: ___________ State:______________ Disposition:_________________________ NOTE**  A felony conviction does not automatically disqualify you membership. Have you ever   been convicted of a Sex Crime? Yes:___,  No:___,  Your physical condition: Good:____,  Fair:_____ Poor:___, Do you have Search and Recovery experience? Yes:___,  No:___,  If yes, how much? _____, there is a $25.00 yearly membership due. Membership may be terminated for any of the reasons below, and some crimes. By signing below, I state that all of the above information is true and correct, and that I give permission to 1st Priority Search & Recovery to run a thorough background check on me, and I furthermore agree to provide 1st Priority Search & Recovery with an additional $15.00, to run a criminal history search on myself, and further I understand that if my application is rejected that I will only be refunded the membership dues unless I notify 1st Priority that they can keep the dues as a donation. I also agree I will not give information to anyone outside of the 1st Priority Search & Recovery team concerning any searches, it's internal organization or any personal / confidential information of volunteers and members. If I should release any information, I should expect legal actions, as well as dismissal from the organization. My signature also releases 1st Priority Search & Recovery of any responsibility, or liability, from any accidents, injuries, illnesses or death that may occur to me.
Signed: __________________________________ Date: ____/_____/_____
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